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Look here for resources about going to college, university, further education

1. Testing for College


Application Services


Financial Help

2. Getting Support in College

3. Studying for Success

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4. Finishing the Degree

5. Personal Stories




Look here for resources for beginning jobs and future careers

1. Succeeding in High School

2. Planning a Career Path

Career Options

Explore Work Options

 (includes Spanish translations) 

Working Resources

3. Building the Resume

YouTube Video Links

4. Gaining Experience and a Paycheck Now

5. Disclosing Disability

Youth disclosure and the workplace

Adult Life

Look here for resources about becoming an adult

1. Self Care

2. Daily Life

3. Transportation

4. Friends and Family

5. Personal Health

6. Support

7. Personal Stories

Preparing for College

This page provides resources for finding jobs (in Spanish!)

Cody talks about his journey to achieve his goals.

Reyna talks about surviving trauma and her transition into adulthood.

This website page has information about attending college as an undocumented student.

This website page describes college accommodations that are available for students with disabilities.

This website page has a scholarship resource guide for support in the 2019-2020 academic year.

This website has financial aid instructions in ten languages.

This website has information about colleges and majors.

This website page explains the process of applying for accommodations on college entrance exams.

This website has information about accommodations for the SAT, PSAT, and AP Exams.

This entire website is focused on college options for people with intellectual disabilities

This document provides a lot of information about transitioning to college and becoming an adult.

This website has information about college majors.

This website is focused on scholarships.

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Preparing for a Career & Adulthood

Learn about supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Information for youth in New York state.

Craig and his team talk about his journey from high school into the workforce.

This website has detailed information about careers.

This video provides tips on getting there on time and looking good.

This video provides tips on getting a job.

This website page provides resources about getting a job and becoming an adult.

This document has information about preparing for adulthood.

This story is about the personal experience of a DACA recipient with cerebral palsy. It discusses the link between disability and the right to employment.

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Succeeding in High School

Information about your rights as high schoolers.

This website page provides resources about the rights of New York City students.

This website page helps you prepare for the first day of school.

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