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Preparing Students for Career

Preparing Students for Adulthood

Information to help students and youth with disabilities succeed after high school.

There are resources available to help students plan, earn, and keep money in adulthood.

How to help students with disabilities move from school to adulthood.

Francis, D. J., & Stephens, A. (Eds.). (2018). English Learners in STEM subjects. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press.

This site shares transition resources and research relevant to educators who work with individuals with autism.

Robert talks about his journey to employment.

This document is a practice guide from the Institute of Education Sciences.

This website has information about supoorting students with disabilities, English learners, and at-risk youth for career planning.

This document was created by the United States Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.

This website page has 10 ways to help students take charge of their own transition plans.

This website page provdes suggestions for creating lessons related to career planning.

This website page provides suggestions from a teacher who created lessons related to college.

This website page provides articles related to English learners and college.

This website page has classroom materials related to career planning.

This website has information about supporting at-risk students.

This website has transition planning lessons for students with disabilities.

This website page has information about career planning in classrooms.

This document provides information about supoorting students with intellectual disabilities for postsecondary.

This Forbes article provides suggestions on how to help employers make the work environment more inclusive.

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Preparing Students for College, a Career, & Adulthood

Supporting English Learners with Disabilities

This document provides information on identifying English learners that need special education services.

This document is a guide for states creating policies on the identification of and service provision for English learners with disablities.

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